How-to raise a service ticket

This article describes the process of how to open a service ticket with support.

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Checkmk Appliance

In the event of a hardware failure of the Checkmk appliance, please contact us by e-mail at or by telephone at +49 89 99 82 097 - 20

Choose your browser



Latest stable version


Latest stable version


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Microsoft Edge

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Internet Explorer

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Access the service desk

  1. Open your preferred web browser.

  2. Type or copy the following URL into the address bar:

  3. Press Enter or click on the "Go" button.

  4. The service desk login page will load, and you can enter your login credentials to access the service desk.

Screenshot displaying the Login page. This page has a username and password field. Keep me logged in is also selected.

Choose the appropriate support option

Please select the most suitable support option from the available choices.

Screenshot showing the search functionality on the Checkmk support page.

Describe your problem

Please provide a brief description of the issue you are facing, and choose a relevant heading to categorize the problem.

Screenshot showing a detailed summary on the Technical Support page. The summary states host_tag_group not working after updating to 2.10p17

To help us better understand your issue, please provide a detailed description, including the steps you took to reproduce the problem and any error messages you received. 

You may find it helpful to use text formatting, such as bullet points or code blocks, to improve the readability of your description.

Screenshot detailing the use of code blocks when creating a support ticket.

Please ensure that all fields are completed, and include a diagnostic dump and screenshots to help explain the configuration.

Screenshot displaying additional fields such as Relevant Versions, Components, and impact definitions.

You may find it helpful to refer to the guide on "How to Collect Troubleshooting Data for Various Issue Types" for additional information on gathering relevant data to help resolve your issue.

Update your ticket

Screenshot showing how an updated ticket displays for a customer.

Possible statuses

Waiting for CustomerThe customer is to provide additional information
Waiting for SupportSupport team to follow up

In Progress

Starting working


An appointment has been scheduled to proceed
ResolvedSolution provided, the ticket moves automatically to closed status after three weeks
ClosedFinally closed; no further changes possible